Artemis.  Yes, that’s really my name and it has grown on me over the years.  Oh, and for those of you who don’t know, it is a female name.  A mythical goddess to be exact.  I’ve got quite a lot to live up to…

My passions have led me on a journey of many twists and turns which have eventually landed me in Manhattan, owning a “mastihashop”, an entire store mostly dedicated to Chios Mastiha.  Yes, a store dedicated to an ancient, therapeutic resin originating from my parents native island of Chios.  What is so great about this tree sap?  You’ll have to stick around to find out, no pun intended…

Sure, I’ll tell you all about Mastiha, Greece, amazing natural Greek products, the Mediterranean lifestyle, but I’ll also share whatever else it is that is resonating with me in a given moment, on a given day, in New York, or wherever life leads me…  Thus, the name of this blog…  I can only hope it will be as interesting as my name.


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